A New Source of Water Waste

Issue 6 and Volume 69.

A New Source of Water Waste A recent dispatch appearing in the daily papers from Paris, France, suggests a new worry for the much vexed water superintendents, or, at any rate, those who are at the head of departments whose services are not metered. This item describes a newly invented miniature water turbine that can be affixed to the kitchen faucet and which will by the ordinary city water pressure develop sufficient power to drive a dynamo and to supply enough electricity to furnish a household with electric light and to do ordinary family cooking by electricity. The occasion of this announcement from the French city was a meeting at the French Academy of Sciences and the individual who suggested this instrument of modern utility was no less than the well-known savant E. Colardeau. While the general use of such a turbine would, no doubt, be a great blessing to…

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