Fire Tests of Building Columns

Issue 8 and Volume 69.

Fire Tests of Building Columns A book recently issue by the Underwriters’ Laboratories, Chicago, Ill., contains exhaustive accounts of fire tests of building columns jointly conducted by Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Companies, National Board of Fire Underwriters and the Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce. The subjects treated arc as follows: I Introduc tion, II. Description of Columns, III. Schedule of Tests, IV. Placing of Coverings and Concrete Columns, V. Auxiliary Tests of Materials, VI. Description of Furnace and Related Equipment, VII. Temperature Measurements, VIII Deformation Measurements, IX. Method of resting, X. Results of hire Tests, XI. Results of Fire and Water Tests, XII. General Sum inary and Discussion, and XIII. Fire Resistance Periods Derived Front the Test Results. Section I. gives a general outline of the tests; Section II., III., IV. give descriptions of the columns, their coverings and methods in use in their preparation; Section V and…

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