State Associations Should Urge Fire Prevention

Issue 8 and Volume 69.

State Associations Should Urge Fire Prevention Spreading Knowledge of This Important Science Benefits Not only Members but Every Citizen—Two Classes of Methods: Legislative and Educational THE following paper originally read before the state convention of the Indiana Firemen’s Association, written as it is by one who is considered an authority on the subject of Fire Prevention, will be found to contain many excellent practical suggestions in the everyday application of this important science: An organization which benefits only its members and those most intimately connected with it can not perform the duties which any real organization should perform. The Indiana Firemen’s Association benefits its members. It gives the firemen new and better views and improved methods of accomplishing their work. In doing this the association benefits not only the members, but it aids directly or indirectly every person in the state of Indiana. That aid to the public—the good to…

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