Overheated Stove Causes Damage to Warehouse

Issue 8 and Volume 69.

Overheated Stove Causes Damage to Warehouse The building occupied by the Sheboygan Cold Storage Company and the Dairy Products Company caught fire from an overheated stove in the basement of the Dairy Products Company’s plant, which had been left burning after the closing hour and ignited nearby wood partitions. Upon the arrival of the department under command of Chief W. R. Trotter, consisting of thirty men, in response to an alarm at 7:32 P. M., the fire was coming out of all the windows on the top floor and had burst through the roof. The blaze originated at 7 P. M., and consequently had been burning over half an hour when the alarm was received and had gained great headway, The apparatus in service at the fire consisted of three Seagrave pumpers and one American-LaFrance 65-foot aerial. Four 6-inch hydrants were available, about 300 feet apart, with 100 pounds pressure…

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