Issue 3 and Volume 15.

WHY NORTH CAROLINA HAS A GOOD RECORD Among all the Southern States North Carolina has one of the best records for low fire losses. Doubtless one reason is that the Insurance Department for years has been educating the public to carefulness. Another is given in the following from the “Insurance Department Bulletin” for February: “Whenever reports of fires indicate suspicious origin the State Insurance Department immediately makes special inquiry, and if it is found necessary sends a special deputy trained in such investigations to get the facts, and if evidence is sufficient secure the arrest of guilty parties. Since this work of the department began 2,173 investigations have been made by its deputies, a great many convictions secured and 365 have been sent to the penitentiary. In other cases children and pyromaniacs have been sent either to correctional or special treatment institutions. Eleven were convicted for arson last year, with…

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