Lightning, its Origin and Control

Issue 3 and Volume 15.

Lightning, its Origin and Control Deputy Fire Marshal of Ontario (In Four Parts—Part Three) EIGHTNING is an electric spark on a tremendous scale. It occurs between clouds charged with electricity more frequently than between cloud and earth. In the lower regions of the atmosphere the light emitted by the electric spark, when it shoots from cloud to cloud, is white; but in the higher and more rarefied regions it takes a violet tint; as does the spark of the electrical machine in a rarefied medium. The effects of lightning are varied and of enormous intensity, being several millions of volts as compared with the customary 110 volts of the electric light current. The strength of the current may be in excess of 20,000 amperes in comparison with 1 or 2 amperes passing through a high power incandescent lamp. Sir Oliver Lodge calculated that.the production of a lightning flash a mile…

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