Fire Station of Modern Design and Construction

Issue 13 and Volume 69.

Fire Station of Modern Design and Construction Firehouse No. 12 of the Rochester Department Built on Efficient and Up-to-date Lines — No Interior Woodwork Except Doors THE following article and the accompanying plans and illustrations were furnished to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING by the architect who designed the fire station described, and who is an expert on matters connected with reinforced concrete construction, especially in connection with industrial buildings: The first element that should enter the construction of any building is that of permanence. This is especially true if that structure is intended as a municipal building. In the planning of the new fire house for No. 12 Hose Company, situated in St. Paul Street, Rochester, N. Y., this element has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. The structural part of the building is built in a most up-to-date design of the reinforced flat slab system, under…

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