Unique Fire Committee System in Plant Protection

Issue 13 and Volume 69.

Unique Fire Committee System in Plant Protection Responsibility of Volunteer Members of Service Fire Department Is an Incentive to Good Results—Instructions to Members of Committee—Portable Chemical Hose Carts NOTE—This article is one of a series describing the plant fire departments and fire prevention systems of the large mercantile and manufacturing establishments of the country which have appeared periodically in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and will continue through the present volume. These articles have previously treated of the fire-fighting systems of Eastman Kodak Company, General Electric Company, Packard Motor Car Company. Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, Cudahy Packing Company, Ford Motor Company, Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation. Wilson & Company, Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, Rock Island, I11., Arsenal. J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company, Southern Manganese Corporation, Avery Company. National Acme Company and the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. DOWN in the heart of every man there is a desire for…

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