Gasoline Explosion at Memphis

Issue 4 and Volume 15.

Gasoline Explosion at Memphis SPECIAL ARTICLES ON Jannuary 24, 1921, vapors from a tank car of gasoline on the Union Railway spur on Front street, Memphis, Tenn., became ignited and resulted in a blast that killed 11 fpeople and badly injured 19 others. Probably 40 or 50 men, women and children received slight injuries from falling debris or from burns. The explosion wrecked an oil plant. levelled a block of frame buildings and broke window panes within a radius of five blocks, the estimated loss being $200,000. The gasoline contained in the car was a volatile product known as absorption gasoline with a gravity of 81.5 deg. Baume, initial boiling point of 80 deg. F. and end point of approximatfely .360 deg. F. The car was spotted on Saturday, January 22, and the following Monday morning, January 24, a negro workman at the plant opened the tank car without relieving…

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