Lightning, its Origin and Control

Issue 4 and Volume 15.

Lightning, its Origin and Control SPECIAL ARTICLES (In Four Parts—Part Four) CLOUDS are masses of vapour condensed into little drops or vesicles of extreme minuteness, like fogs and mists from which they only differ in occupying the higher regions of the atmosphere; they always result from the condensation of vapours which rise from the earth or the sea. A cloud is a mist at a great height averaging in winter from a height of 4,000 feet to a height of 12,000 feet in summer. A mist is a cloud low down. A cloud exists only in its formation and in its cessation; it is not a product, but a process. Storms Thunder storms usually occur wherever there is a rapidly rising current of moisture laden air. Thunder showers occur in nearly all parts of the world, but the number decreases from the equator towards the pole. In some sections of…

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