Issue 4 and Volume 15.

“HOUSE ON FIRE,” WHAT SHE MEANT That a fireman’s life is not all one continual chase in the wake of tragedy was attested by the story of one stationed at an uptown engine house. The telephone rang and the person at the other end was a woman. And— Woman—Hello! Is this the fire station? Fireman—Yes what is it? Woman—This is Mrs. — of — street. The Joneses live next door to me, and my walk runs close to their walk in fact— Fireman—I guess you’ve got the wrong number. Woman—But this is the fire engine house, isn’t it? Fireman—Yes. but— Woman—Well, you see, I have a very nice yard, and only last week I planted some grass seed, and had the gardener place a fine row of privet hedge on the dividing line between the Joneses’ house and ours, and- Fireman—I repeat, ma’am, this is the fire engine house. You…

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