The Test of Citizenship

Issue 4 and Volume 15.

The Test of Citizenship SPECIAL ARTICLES H. E. Reynolds, chairman of the local fire prevention committee at Bemidji, Minn., seeking to arouse the interest of the average property owner, sent out the following appeal under the heading “The Test of Citizenship”: Tell me what you do with your rubbish and I will tell you what sort of a citizen you are. If you dispose of all your old broken, worn-out furniture, old newspapers, oily rags, worn-out clothing, and all rubbish of every kind, you are a good citizen, but if you allow them to accumulate you are not only a bad citizen. but a menace to your neighbors. What makes such things catch fire? It may be heat from the furnace, a spark, a cigarette, a candle, a plumber’s torch, or perhaps they just catch fire from spontaneous combustion. You don’t know what that is? It is a fire that…

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