Thanks for the Flowers

Issue 15 and Volume 69.

Thanks for the Flowers FROM California, the land of flowers, comes a sweet-smelling bouquet in the form of the following letter, typical of how our readers feel about FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: “I enclose money order for our renewal. We couldn’t get along without your valuable magazine. All the men in the department read it, and I get all my points out of it for our drills and our monthly written examination. FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is about the only thing that unites the two oceans, so far as we are concerned. We are for you, and we know you are for us. (Signed) WM. J. MOHR, Asst. Chief of Fire Department, Santa Monica, California.” You bet we are for you, Bill; and it does our old heart good to know we have such loyal friends scattered all over these United States. After all, that’s what makes a paper—isn’t it?—the…

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