Fire News from Georgia

Issue 15 and Volume 69.

Fire News from Georgia In connection with the destruction of Harrock Hall, the country estate of John Taylor Chapman, seven miles from Savannah, Ga., Chief John H. Monroe, who responded with Engine Company No. 7 and Chemical Company No. 1 of the Savannah fire department, complained very bitterly that the apparatus of the department could have made a record run to the scene of the fire, but for the fact that they were handicapped on account of the road being thronged with automobiles going and coming, the glare of search lights of these machines compelling the fire apparatus to stop several times. Chief Monroe was very indignant over the fact that none of the drivers of these machines tried to dim their lights and claims that they are a menace on the roads and ought to be jailed. Fourteen students and several instructors of the Sophomore Class at Emory University,…

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