Issue 15 and Volume 69.

WATER WORKS NEWS It is proposed to create a position of registrar in the water department of Lynn, Mass., with a salary of $2,000 a year. The plan was considered favorably by the city council. Work was recently started by the water department of Waltham, Mass., to connect some of the dead ends in the city, the work providing employment for some twenty men in trench digging, etc. The three-million-gallon reservoir recently built at a cost of $60,000 for Minot, N. Dak., has been accepted by the city commission. The acceptance had been held up several months pending a reduction in leakage. For the first time in seven years the standpipe supplying Salem, Ohio, with water was drained and extensive repairs were made and the pipe throughly cleaned. The capacity of the standpipe is 165,000 gallons, but owing to a recent leakage it has been only partly filled. An appeal…

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