Business Block Burned in Elk River, Minn.

Issue 15 and Volume 69.

Business Block Burned in Elk River, Minn. The Phoenix building, a two-story brick and frame structure, occupying about one-fourth of a city block in Elk River, Minn., caught fire at 12:40 recently from unknown cause, and when the fire department, consisting of twenty-five men under command of Chief J. A. Madsen, arrived the basement of the structure was all ablaze, the fire having originated in its center. Several stores on the first floor were occupied by general merchandise and furniture merchants. The department brought into service one Watrous and one American-La France pumper. Three hydrant and four engine streams were thrown from five 4-inch double hydrants about 250 feet apart, with a pressure of 70 pounds at the hydrant. About 2,500 feet of hose were laid, the nozzles being four one-inch and three 7/8-inch. Two lengths of hose burst during the fire. The street mains were eight inches and there…

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