Utilization and Conservation of New York’s Water

Issue 15 and Volume 69.

Utilization and Conservation of New York’s Water Meters in Use in Metropolis—Sufficiency of Water Supply System, with Present, Past and Future Cousumption, Considered in this Instalment (Continued from page 655) Subsurface Leaks&emdash;Where water mains are laid in rock filled streets such as are numerous in Manhattan and the Bronx, the opportunities for leaks to occur without giving any visible evidence on the surface are many. These leaks may be from broken mains, blown or partially blown joints, hydrants, abandoned services and live services. Many million gallons may daily be lost through the hundreds of such leaks which exist under the street surface. In other than the two boroughs mentioned the leaks are reasonably certain to come to the surface, unless immediately adjacent to the river front, but in Manhattan and the Bronx, there is a fruitful field for subsurface surveys to locate and stop these leaks. Since 1910, a special…

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