Issue 15 and Volume 69.

FIRE DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES The fire department of Hamburg. N. Y., of which Chief Weiss is the head, recently purchased a 75 horse power pumper. An ordinance providing for the payment of the salaries of firemen while off duty on sick leave for sixty days was recently passed by the city council of Lancaster, Ohio. A survey was recently made of the town of Warren, N. Y., with the object of securing the installation of the Gamewell fire alarm system. The council have decided to ask for bids as to such a system for the town. The council of Kenosha, Wis., recently voted against the adoption of the two-platoon system in the fire department of that city, the vote being in the nature of a postponement of any action in the adoption of the system until a later date. The fire department of Random Lake, Wis., which is a volunteer organization,…

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