Hydrogen Ion Concentration and Water Purification

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

Hydrogen Ion Concentration and Water Purification Application of this Chemical Action to the Destruction of Organisms in Water, in Determining Extent of Corrosion and in Assistance to Coagulation IT is quite probable that most of you are wondering just what hydrogen ion concentration is and why, whatever it is, it should appear on this program. It probably suggests to you some of the mysteries with which chemists from the time of the alchemists to date have been popularly supposed to occupy themselves. The purpose of this paper is to attempt to tell you what the hydrogen ion concentration is, and why it is of interest to water works men. You all know also that there are certain colored compounds such as litmus, methyl orange, etc., which have one color in an acid solution and another in an alkaline solution. As will later be shown, different indicators do not give the…

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