Issue 16 and Volume 69.

AIRPLANE PHOTOGRAPHY As Applied to Uses of Portland Fire Department—Aerial Pictures Show Surroundings of Buildings The fire department of Portland, Ore., under the direction of Battalion Chief Edward Grenfell, fire marshal of that city, have recently been making experiments with airplane photography the idea being to show the surroundings of buildings in the city, especially large plants, with a view to Fire Prevention. Chief Grenfell, in writing to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, gives credit for the origin of the idea of the use of airplane photography for this purpose to Mr. Vernon, manager of a local airplane company. In describing the work that he has done for his department through the use of the airplane camera, Mr. Grenfell writes: “We have taken pictures of many of the large mills, factories, shipyards, oil stations, etc., with the thought of placing them in the fire stations that are first to answer alarms…

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