Water Supply Conference of New Jersey Cities

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

Water Supply Conference of New Jersey Cities A second conference on the municipal water supply plan, in which Paterson, Passaic, Clifton, and several other cities in this section of the state of New Jersey are interested, was recently held in the City Hall of Paterson, N. J., and the three plans designated as A, B and C, submitted by Morris Sherrerd, engineer of the state water supply commission of New Jersey, at a previous meeting, were considered. A resolution was finally adopted providing that a summary of the three plans be prepared by Mr. Sherrerd together with his recommendations for and against the adoption of each, the summary to be submitted in the near future to the governing bodies of the cities interested in the municipal water supply project. A resolution was also adopted under the terms of which representatives of the municipalities interested shall hold a conference with Edmund…

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