How the Salem Water Works Economizes in Oil

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

How the Salem Water Works Economizes in Oil Used Oil Purified Perfectly—Waste Practically Eliminated—Purifier a Remedy for All Troubles —Description of Its Features of Construction C.E. THE gradual replacing of reciprocating engines and pumps with the more efficient turbine driven centrifugal pumps has compelled engineers to give more attention to the lubrication of the units in their charge than ever before. The bearings of high-speed turbines must have a never-failing supply of oil, which is absolutely free from water, dirt and metallic particles. With a modern method of purifying the used oil, and returning it to service in proper condition, the cost of this kind of turbine lubrication is considerably less than the expense involved in lubricating older types of machines. In this connection, it is interesting to note the results which have been obtained by the use of a centrifugal oil purifier in the Salem (Mass.) Municipal pumping station.…

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