Issue 16 and Volume 69.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Conducted by “He that questioneth much shall learn MUCH”-BACON NOTE -Readers of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING are invited to send in questions, which will be answered in the order in which they are received. Names are omitted from questions unless otherwise specified. Discharge from Open Butt of Hydrant, Etc. To the Editor: What would be the discharge in cubic feet, from a hydrant butt 2 1/2 inches in diameter, having 55 pounds pressure at the hydrant nozzle? What would be the discharge if fire hose (2 1/2-inch) were attached, without nozzle, starting from and up to six sections? What method do you employ in arriving at your conclusion? Thanking you in advance, Respectfully yours, Appleton, Wis. A. I. R. Answer: The discharge from open butt of hydrant is determined by formula Q 29.83cd2_____p, where Q = discharge in gallons per minute; c 0.70, a constant dependent upon…

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