Bald Heads

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

Bald Heads THERE are two kinds of bald heads—those that are bald on top and those that are bald inside. Some of our readers have very little hair above their eyebrows; they are bald, and proud of it. But it is darn seldom that you find a reader of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING who is bald inside his head. We have only known of one, and he cancelled his subscription. Readers of a journal like FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING are way above the average in general intelligence. They take pride in their work—in their profession; and that’s why they keep abreast of the times by reading what is considered the leading publication in their field. And they know better than to keep a good thing to themselves. If they have found that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is a good thing for them, they pass the word along to their associates…

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