Columbus Firemen Lose Free Rides

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

Columbus Firemen Lose Free Rides Chief Jenkins Daniels of the Columbus, Ohio, fire departrecently received a communication from the Columbus Railway, Power and Light Company, in which it prohibited city firemen in uniform from riding on its street cars without paying a, fare, except between the hours of 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock in the mornings The reason for this order is that the firemen had taken advantage of the freedom of the street cars to ride free when off duty. According to Chief Daniels, the order, unless modified, will mean a great inconvenience to the fire department, as during the day it is necessary for firemen to visit headquarters and shops from the various stations, and the order as it now stands will interfere with the performance of these duties. Chief Daniels expresses the hope that he may be able to come to some agreement with the company.

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