Issue 16 and Volume 69.

WATER WORKS NEWS The village of Wilson, N. Y., is planning to install a complete water system. The city of Parker, S. Dak., will spend about $20,060 in extending and improving its water works system. Work is soon to be started by City Engineer George F. Staal of Milwaukee, Wis., on the new pumping station of that department. The city of Freehold, N. J., proposes to erect a 150,000-gallon steel standpipe, enlarge the pumping station and extend several of the city mains. The city commission of Middletown, Ohio, recently voted bonds for a large quantity of cast iron pipe in order to lay several water mains in various sections of the city. Two additional 20-inch water mains are being planned by City Commissioner Michael I. Fagen for the west side of Jersey City to afford fire protection and water supply for that section. The city council of Sidney, Neb., recently…

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