Gasoline and Petroleum Gas Tank Car Explosions

Issue 16 and Volume 69.

Gasoline and Petroleum Gas Tank Car Explosions Summary of Several Recent Cases of Explosion in Cars Loaded with These Dangerous Substances— Rules for Unloading Such Cars Formulated by Bureau IN last week’s issue appeared an analytical account by Colonel Dunn of the explosion at Memphis, Tenn., caused by the removal of the dome cover of a tank car containing casinghead gasoline without previously releasing the interior pressure and the consequent forcing of a column of liquid and gas into the air vertically to a height of one hundred feet. The double explosion which followed the settling of this vapor wrecked a block of dwellings, destroyed part of the Colyar-Reese plant, and caused the death of thirteen and injury to eighteen persons. The general comments which follow deal with the subject of gasoline and petroleum oil explosions in a more comprehensive manner. General Comments The following is a brief statement showing…

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