First Aid to Injured in Fire Departments

Issue 17 and Volume 69.

First Aid to Injured in Fire Departments The duties of a modern fireman are manifold and various and extend far afield from the actual extinguishment of fires. Among these rescue work plays neither a small nor inconspicuous part. The first thought that comes to the mind of a chief or other officer in command on answering an alarm of fire, especially when it proves to be in a dwelling, a crowded manufactory or a mercantile establishment employing a large number of persons, is for the safety of the occupants. All other things—even the control and extinguishment of the blaze—must be subordinated to the saving of precious lives and the rescue of those in peril from the flames. After the occupants of the building are all out of danger, then the work of extinguishment must be pushed. But the work of the fire chief and his men in respect to the…

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