Some Thoughts on First Aid to the Injured

Issue 17 and Volume 69.

Some Thoughts on First Aid to the Injured Physician Describes Proper Procedure in Cases of Burns and Asphyxiation—Three Classifications for Each—Treatment of Burns—Fresh Air Important in Asphyxiation IN the following brief notes I shall endeavor to present to you, men of the “hose and nozzle,” the ways and means of relieving the burned and those overcome by smoke or other gases, always remembering that this paper refers to first aid only. Burns and Their Treatment Burns are caused by heat, either dry or moist, and are roughly classified into three divisions as follows: A burn of the first degree is a superficial burn which only reddens the skin; that of the second degree causes a blister to form; while the third degree or more destroys the skin by partial or complete carbonizing (charring) of skin and underlying muscles. All burns of the first and second degree involve the upper layers…

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