What Every Fire Fighter Should Know

Issue 17 and Volume 69.

What Every Fire Fighter Should Know Compiled and Arranged by CHEMISTRY—ITS RELATION TO THE FIRE SERVICE (Continued from page 735) Blackdamp; Whitedamp; Sweetdamp The most common gases resulting from coal and mine fires are blackdamp or carbon dioxide, and whitedamp and sweetdamp, which are nothing more than carbon monoxide. Blackdamp. which is formed as the result of a process that removes the life-supporting oxygen from the air, even when present in such small quantities that human life is not endangered, will extinguish a burning candle. It is colorless, odorless and heavier than air, so that it settles to the bottom of mine workings when the air is undisturbed. Whitedamp, or sweetdamp, is formed when materials such as wood or coal are burned under conditions where only a limited or insufficient quantity of air reaches the fire so that complete combustion does not take place. It will burn when sufficient oxygen…

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