Secretary Dunn on Rhode Island Forest Fires

Issue 17 and Volume 69.

Secretary Dunn on Rhode Island Forest Fires In commenting on the recent forest fires that burned over many acres of timber land in Rhode Island recently, Secretary J. J. Dunn, of the State Board of Agriculture, referred to the lax enforcement of the law forbidding brush and grass fires without a permit from the forest wardens. “There are thousands of acres of land in Rhode Island which are not fitted for cultivation,” said Mr. Dunn, “and which should be planted to timber. Such a policy the State has been doing its best to encourage. But when fires are permitted to sweep .woodlands simply because there is no enforcement of the law, it is hard to get anyone to take this policy seriously.” The most disastrous of the fires was in Charlestown, where the flames swept southward from Wachaug pond for four miles, across the Post road and to the Arnold…

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