Monthly Water Report of Bristol

Issue 18 and Volume 69.

Monthly Water Report of Bristol The monthly report of the superintendent of the Bristol, Conn., water department and the board of water commissioners of that city showed that the total amount of bills rendered for water during the month of March was $7,775.41, $111.51 less than March, 1920. Bills for water remaining unpaid for April amounted to $557.31. The amount of hills due for work done by the department on April 1 was $3,009.04, On April 1 all of the reservoirs were full and the average daily consumption was 1,649,000 gallons, 68,000 less than for February, and 291,000 gallons less than March, 1920. During March six new one-inch service and four one-inch relays have been completed; and 19 contract services have been metered. The town of Medfield, Mass., has voted the sum of $12,500 for an improved water system.

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