Membership in the I. A. F. E.

Issue 18 and Volume 69.

Membership in the I. A. F. E. The International Association of Fire Engineers, whose annual convention occurs in Atlanta, Ga., on October 11 to 14, will this year even more than ever before, represent the chiefs of the country in thus bringing together the representative heads of the fire departments. The association has always been the leader in thought of the fire service, but especially will this be true of the 1921 gathering, in that the membership in the association has greatly increased through the intensive campaign that has been carried on in the past two years and there are now numbered on its rolls many who have not heretofore identified themselves with its activities, and who have not been present at its annual conventions. The majority of these chiefs will attend this year’s gathering, the convention city being so accessible and conveniently located. The consequences of this fact will…

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