Water Supply of Lynchburg, Va.

Issue 18 and Volume 69.

Water Supply of Lynchburg, Va. The water supply system of Lynchburg, Va., is by gravity from an impounding reservoir located on the Pedlar River about 21 miles north of the city through a conduit line, to a coagulation basin, from which it flows by gravity through pressure filters thence through a tower to two reservoirs, supplying respectively the high and low services, the tower supplying a third or higher service. In addition an emergency pumping station located in part of the old pumping station and with a force main direct to the filter plant can supply water from the power canal. The Pedlar River, which has a water shed of about 25 square miles above the head-works, furnishes an ample supply. Water flows over the spillway a large part of the year and the lowest water level below the spillway in the lake in the 13 years the supply has…

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