Fire Hose Stop and Drain Valve

Issue 21 and Volume 69.

Fire Hose Stop and Drain Valve A fire hose stop and drain valve invented by H. C. Bowlus, of Springfield, Ohio, was recently successfully demonstrated before Fire Chief Samuel Hunter, president of the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Club, at Springfield, Ohio. The need of such a valve has long been felt, and the results of the demonstration should prove of interest to all firemen. The purpose of this device is to facilitate the work of the firemen at fires, making possible rapid changing of nozzles, connection of extra lengths of hose, quick ladder climbing and hurried access to all blazes. The valve is connected between the fire hydrant and the fire, and is provided with a wrench at the shut-off valve for the purpose of shutting off the water from the particular hose where a change is desired. It is not necessary to shut the water off at the hydrant and…

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