Flimsy Regina Rink Structure Burns Like Tinder

Issue 21 and Volume 69.

Flimsy Regina Rink Structure Burns Like Tinder Old Building Used as Garage Destroyed, with One Hundred and Sixty Automobiles—High Winds Hamper Two Departments—Fires of Week Automobiles Destroyed in Regina Rink Fire In one of the most disastrous fires which Regina, Sask., Can., has had for many years the old auditorium rink, which was used as a garage, was totally destroyed on April 29. The rink, which was a flimsy frame structure and which had been built several years, caught fire shortly after 10 o’clock in the morning and within an hour was reduced to ruins. In the building were 160 automobiles, at least 120 of which were new machines. The cause of the fire was unknown. In less than five minutes after the discovery the dry rafters of the old building, which burned like tinder, were completely involved and increased the intensity of the fire. The gas tanks of the…

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