Issue 21 and Volume 69.

SPECIAL BUSINESS NEWS FIRE BUSINESS SPECIALS Galesburg, Ill -This city will erect new fire station and establish fire alarm system. Belief onte, Pa.—Owing to recent heavy losses from fire the residents are strongly advocating motorization of fire department. It is estimated that $20,000 will be needed to equip both fire companies. Ravenna, Ohio—-Safety director recommends installation of new fire alarm system. Woodbury Heights, N. J.—It is reported that the fire equipment of this town is very inadequate. Pennington, N. J.—Pennington Fire Company has decided to purchase new motor water engine at some future time. Enhaut, Pa.—Funds are being raised for fire truck. Richlandtown, Pa.—Fire department has appointed committee to ask borough council to purchase hose. President of fire department. Mercer, Pa.—Purchase of 300 additional feet of hose for East End Fire Department has been authorized. MEYERSDALE, PA. —A campaign has been started to secure funds with which to purchase a…

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