Issue 21 and Volume 69.

ARSON CONVICTION IN NEWARK Circumstantial Evidence So Complete That Jury Convicts Wholly Upon It AFTER deliberating for an hour a jury in the Essex County (N. J.) Circuit Court returned a verdict of “guilty” on May 4th against David Kurzrock, proprietor of a dry goods store at 504 Clinton Avenue, Newark. There were two counts in the indictment against Kurzrock, one, that he deliberately set fire to his store on the night of January 4th and two, that he attempted to defraud the insurance companies who had given him insurance policies for $11,000. The conviction was based entirely upon circumstantial evidence. The arson details submitted in court were so clear and convincing, fortified as they were by photographs showing wooden pails containing gasoline and kerosene and flimsy cloth streamers or trailers from pails to counters, that counsel for the accused was forced to admit the fact that crime had been…

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