Oil on Rivers and Harbors

Issue 22 and Volume 69.

Oil on Rivers and Harbors The menace of floating oil on the surface of rivers and harbors has again been brought vividly to the notice of chiefs and others interested in fire prevention by Oil on Rivers and Harbors the destruction at her dock in the North River. New York City, of the ancient “Granite City.” While not immense in monetary loss, the destruction of the old wooden frigate from an historical standpoint is irreparable. The “Granite City” was over one hundred years old, having been commissioned in the presence of President Monroe in 1818, and having been on the battleline in the Civil War. (Continued on page 1101) (Continued from page 1078) In this instance the origin of the floating oil was not, as in so many other cases, from the exhaust of oilburning vessels, but from a leak in an oil supply line running under the river. However,…

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