The Water Works System of the Convention City

Issue 22 and Volume 69.

The Water Works System of the Convention City Plant Described by the Commissioner—Short History of the Department from Its Inception—Great Growth Since 1854—List of Department Officials THE city of Cleveland is situated on the southern coast line of Lake Erie about one-third of the way from Toledo to Buffalo. The indentation, or bay, is about forty miles long, measured from Avon Point to Fairport and about seven miles wide. The city is located at the deepest point of the indentation. The water within the bay is nowhere deeper than 60 feet, and its average depth may be taken roughly as 50 feet. The bottom is chiefly fine sand and clay, but in some places there are deposits of mud, and in a few spots the bottom is rocky. Lake Erie is the fourth in the chain of Great Lakes. At its west end it receives, through the Detroit River, the…

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