Issue 6 and Volume 15.

PHILA. TO HAVE FIRE PREVENTION CAMPAIGN Philadelphia, Pa.—One of the most farreached investigations ever conducted in this city into the matter of lessening fire risks is to be undertaken by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. A corps of the best known experts on fire prevention and insurance will begin an intensive survey to determine the extent of the fire hazard in Philadelphia homes, manufacturing establishments, places of amusement, public buildings, schools and along the water fronts. Campaigns will be conducted to educate the public through newspapers, magazines, schools and colleges and through public addresses to the importance of the enormous losses occasioned by inattention to even the most primary regulations covering the prevention of fires. A study will be made of the bulding laws and efforts will be made in the State Legislature for the enactment of laws that will correct many of the evils declared by underwriters to be…

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