Issue 7 and Volume 15.

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Population as shown by the 1920 United States Census, 118,110. The city is governed by a board of five commissioners. The present incumbents are C. Clarence Neslen, Commissioner of Water Supply and Waterworks; Herman H. Green, Commissioner of Public Affairs and Finance; T. T. Burton, Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements, whose terms expire January 1, 1924, and Arthur F. Barnes, Commissioner of Public Safety, and A. H. Crabbe, Commissioner of Parks and Public Property, whose terms expire January 1, 1922. Salt Lake City is the commercial, financial and distributing center for a large intermountain agricultural and mining territory; manufacturing industries are of little impotance. Transportation facilities are provided by five trunk railroads. The gross fire loss for the past five years, as given in the fire department records, amounted to $951,319, the annual loss ranging from $128,479 in 1915 to $347,067 in 1919. The average…

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