Some Opinions on Meterage

Issue 1 and Volume 70.

Some Opinions on Meterage (Continued from page 1238, Vol. LXIX) The object of the publication of the following opinions, which are continued from our issue of June 15, are primarily to assist those superintendents of water works who, while in favor of the use of meters, have been unable through circumstances beyond their control to introduce complete meterage in their departments. These replies are so unanimously in favor of the meter system of measurement of water that they present a practically unanswerable argument in their favor. The replies were in answer to a questionnaire and the answers are numbered to correspond with the two questions asked, namely: 1. What do you think is the chief opposition among consumers to meters? 2. We should like to have for publication your opinion on the relative merits of meterage and flat rate systems. Nebraska Lincoln—William Schroeder, superintendent of water department—1. None. Metered system…

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