Importance of Purifying All Surface Waters

Issue 1 and Volume 70.

Importance of Purifying All Surface Waters Necessity of Filtration and Sterilization—Conclusion of Col. Johnson’s Paper on Subject— Discussion to Follow in Order of Proceedings (Continued from page 1188, Vol. LXIX) There is no sense at all in persistently residing in a fool’s paradise. All surface waters, be they derived from perpetually snowcapped mountain regions or from acquired, untenanted and patrolled areas, are potentially dangerous in that they are open to incidental, accidental, or deliberate pollution. Storage of such waters cannot be relied upon to make them continuously safe for human consumption. To presume that storage can be so relied upon is to ignore the epidemics arising from polluted impounded water supplies, and which are a matter of undeniable record. Such a position is untenable; is unnecessary because of the existing knowledge of how to make public water supplies entirely and continuously safe by methods subsidiary to storage; is fanciful because…

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