The N. F. P. A. Meeting

Issue 1 and Volume 70.

The N. F. P. A. Meeting The twenty-fifth annual convention of the National Fire Protection Association, which occurred in San Francisco, Cal., on June 14 to 16, 1921, is always an event of great importance to the Fire Prevention world, and its meeting held this year on the west coast of the United States has an especial significance. The plan adopted at the annual meetings of the association of printing the reports of the various committees, the consideration of which constituted the major part of the sessions, in advance of the meeting so that all who attended might familiarize themselves with the contents of these reports, is a very wise and excellent one. Not only does it allow the time that would be necessary to the reading of a long report to be devoted to discussions of it. but it enables the members to come to the meeting with an…

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