New Principle of Rotary Pump Construction

Issue 1 and Volume 70.

New Principle of Rotary Pump Construction If a rotary type of pump could be evolved which incorporates the positive action of the plunger pump with the continuous flow of the centrifugal or turbine types, the ideal in pump efficiency would be attained. It is toward this end that all engineers designing rotary pumps have striven. The necessity of keeping the tight joint and at the same time avoiding wear are the most important factors to be considered. A pump recently designed is based upon an entirely new idea of rotary pump construction. The pump creates its own suction, its action is positive and the flow of the water is continuous. There are no valves and no reciprocating parts to get out of order, and compared with its output, the size of the pump is small. Because of its rolling rather than rubbing surfaces, the wear, it is said, has been…

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