Water Supply Needs of Bayonne, N. J.

Issue 1 and Volume 70.

Water Supply Needs of Bayonne, N. J. At a hearing by the Jersey board of conservation and development on the proposed Ramapo watershed, Clyde Potts, engineer for Bayonne, explained in detail a number of charts relating to the proposed development, including estimates as to cost, the needs of Bayonne for a water supply and other matters. In one chart he showed the estimate of Bayonne between 1925 and 1953, by which date, he said, the city would require the maximum diversion of 50,000,000 gallons daily. His estimate indicated that in 1925, under the plan, the cost to Bayonne would be $55 per million gallons. The average cost would gradually decrease as the consumption approaches the capacity of the plan until in 1953 it will reach a minimum of $25.50 per million gallons. The total cost of the project, Mr. Potts estimates, will be $7,500,000, with a possibility that contingent expenses…

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