Issue 2 and Volume 70.

CONVENTION DATES July 12-14— MICHIGAN STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION Forty-seventh annual convention. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Secretary. H. L. Williams. Endington, Mich. Aug. 3 and 4— SOUTHWESTERN NEW YORK FIREMENS ASSOCIATION. Annual convention. Salamanca. N. Y. Aim. 9-12— DOMINION ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS Thirteenth annual convention. Three Rivers. Quo., Can. Secretary. Chief James Armstrong. Box 56, Kingston. Ont. Aug. 11 and 12— INDIANA FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Fourth annual convention. Anderson, Ind. Secretary. Frank H. Miller Terre Haute, Ind. For local arrangements. Assistant Chief Philip Hollingsworth, Anderson. Ind. Aug. 15 (week of)— FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF STATE OF NEW YORK. Forty-ninth annual convention. Binghamton. N. Y. Secretary. Thomas Honohan. Frankfort. N. Y. Aug. 16 and 17—CONNECTICUT STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Thirty-eighth annual convention, Wentworth Hall, 1044 Chapel. New Haven. Conn. Secretary. E. W. Harford, South Norwalk, Conn. Aug. 18-20— ILLINOIS FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION Annual tournament and exhibition in connection with the Illinois State Fair. Springfield. Ill.…

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