Ice Making by Water Departments

Issue 2 and Volume 70.

Ice Making by Water Departments The interesting experiment in ice-making by the Omaha water department, as described on page 55 of this week’s issue, at least shows what can be done by enterprising and wide awake officials of a department. Besides the increase in revenue afforded by the sale of the ice to the public, there is the added advantage to the water department of Omaha of placing it in the role of a public benefactor and enabling it to supply the poorer population with ice at a reasonable figure. That this fact is appreciated by the people of the city is evidenced by the pictures reproduced in connection with the article, showing the crowds which daily took advantage of the good work done by the department. The sale of the ice, however, is by no means confined to the poorer people, but, according to Mr. Knouse, the ice is…

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