Poor Fire Fighting Equipment Causes Loss

Issue 2 and Volume 70.

Poor Fire Fighting Equipment Causes Loss According to J. P. Loper, city marshal of Grand Saline, Texas, a fire, which started at 11:30 P. M. on May 5. destroyed three business buildings, occupying between 300 and 400 feet, one and two stories in height and constructed of brick. The alarm was sounded by whistle at 11:30 and the fire department under command of Ben Green were only able to bring two hydrant streams on the fire, they having, according to Mr. Loper, “only a very common fire wagon,” and the water pressure being verylow. Three single 6-inch hydrants were available from 80 to 100 feet apart, but apparently only two of these were used. About fifty feet of hose were laid. The fire burned all night before it was brought under control. The value of the buildings was estimated at $100,000. with a loss of $40,000, and the value of…

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